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Every year I take our Christmas Decorations from the attic where they have been stored all year i preparation for decorating the tree and our house. I love to decorate during the Holiday season as it brings a real joy to my life that goes deep into my soul.

Sometimes it takes awhile for me to go through the ornaments that I haven't seen for a year. As I reached for one I think of where it came from. Perhaps it was the one I would buy at the Christmas craft show that I went to every year with my mom and sister. Or, perhaps it was one that I got from my Grandma when I was just starting a family of my own. Here is one my mother had said to be careful with because they were made of very fine glass.  There were 3 and of course clumsy me, dropped one of them, shattering glass all over. I was right in front of my mom when it happened. Did I ever feel bad.

Oh yes, I think every ornament I put on my tree each year reminds me of a person, what I had been doing in that era of my life, whether it was with them, around them or, for them.  Now it  means even more to me, being very sentimental as I am.  Both my Grandma and Mom are gone but, I still have my memories.  Family memories around Christmas just seem to go together, don't you agree?

I like to give my favorite friends and loved ones gifts that bring with them memories.  What a great feeling it is to look at something like a Christmas decoration and, feel a sense of joy and love, so warm it goes right down to your soul and, your heart is full of emotion. It is if those people are sharing this Christmas with you.

I look at items throughout my house which others have given me through the years and, I really cherish them.  They knew my decor, what I liked or, what my interests were and, found the perfect home decor gift that would blend into my life.  These items mean a lot to me and, put a smile on my face when I look at them.

I was excited when I saw the new Christmas Decorations I get to offer this year, along with the newest items added to our Snowbuddies line.  I marked them down low so it will be an extra bonus for the customers who do their holiday shopping in Cheryl's Gifts 2 Go.  Christmas Decorations can be a great gift for anyone in your life and, one they will remember for a lifetime. You'll find a few, "just for you" specials we give to our customers as a special Thank You for shopping in Cheryl's Gifts 2 Go.

By the way:  After my mother passed, my sister and I were going through her things. We came across those beautiful bell ornaments, two anyway.  I told my sister I just had to have these.  Now they both get packed very carefully.  As I unwrap them, there comes that feeling and I lovingly hang them on the tree for the Christmas season.

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