I cant hold my tongue any longer....

I am really REALLY scared at how many women I know that are 4 - 6+ weeks away from their babies EDD daTe and they are trying SO HARD to get their babies to come right now!  ALso, really disturbing to read how many of them have such rediculous doctors who tell them that because they are 2 cm dialated they will go ANY DAY NOW!  UG!!!!  How rude is it for a docor to say that to a woman!  What better way to break down the hopes of or make a woman worry more than ever??? ANd worse off, how many are doing it for the sake of possibly being able to talk these mothers into early inductions, etc..?

(chills run down my spine).

Look, I know the last run of any pregnancy sucks..  and yea I wish my baby would just get the hell out too, but I knwo better than to start trying anything to get him out right now at 36 weeks.  I also GLADLY am educated enough to know that any sort of dialation (or none at all) could mean absolute shit right now.. and I will no be having any stupid doc talking me into doing anything that REALLY ISNT NECESSARY.... 

Too many woman do not have enough education about their bodies and birth..  and there is tons of proof here on CafeMom to prove it...  and why they deny it..  I'll never understand.  Ignorance is bliss maybe, but what could be blissful about having all your rights stripped from you???


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Nov. 11, 2010 at 5:11 AM

oh i totally agree!!! 36 weeks already? wooot! exciting <3<3<3

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