Daniel (my youngest) has been sick for a few days now. Last night he didn't sleep well at all and today he was grouchy all day. My husband is working an evening shift tonight so I was able to get him an appointment today. I thought that he might have a sinus infection and possible an ear infection. So it didn't surprise me much when the doctor said he has an ear infection in his right ear. Got the presciption and had them fax to our pharmacy. We get there and the pharmacist says that they think that the doctor set the dose to high and they have to call them to double check it. We waited about 10 minutes and they were still waiting. DH had to be leaving to get to his evening shift soon. So we had to leave. About 5 minutes after DH dropped us off at the house they called to say the prescription was right in the first place. GRRRR!!! So now Daniel won't get his medicine till later tonight or even possible tomorrow night.

Never had a problem with place before.

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