Okay, ladies, do you have the blues? I know I do. I am sharing an awesome artist Wayne Baker Brooks who sings the blues with heart and soul. So if your cleaning and need some blues to get you through those dreaded minutes of dusting, scrubbing and picking up...i encourage you to listen to Wayne Baker Brooks. Check him out:

http://www.reverbnation.com/waynebakerbrooks (don't need to sign up to listen to him)


My favorites of him are "She's Dangerous" I always laugh thinking of me having a drink or two behind the vacuum cleaner and thinking I am dangerous! "You make it easy" seems to totally do the trick as I think of having a maid! Most of all ladies..."Mystery" will swoon you....cause its so hot .

Do you like the blues? If you took the time to listen, what was your favorite song of his?


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