I came on here looking to make new friends and so far nobody has really asked to be my friend, I've tried to find some people that i have stuff in common with but I'm not a very outgoing person so its hard for me to just go out there and meet people. 

I have a very precocious 18 month old who I love to pieces, I have a fiance who is never home because he works such long shifts for his company and when he is home he is usually sleeping, we have a room mate who helps me take care of my DD but I'm a very lonely person most of the time 

I'm trying to be more outgoing and its not working out to well for me. 


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Nov. 10, 2010 at 4:55 PM

Sorry you feel that way..I have been there done that...is there anything you like to share...crafts, arts, poetry, journaling, photography, music? I don't know very many people on here either, but figure, well it comes in time. I just wanted a site that was focused on mommy issues and being a woman. I can understand the feeling of feeling new at something. Keep your chin up and good things do happen in their timing. You can send a friend request if you like. I am mother of 2 and live in Oregon. I take alot of pics and am currently looking for work. I do hope I can network with other mothers married/single and chit chat.

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