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baby shower items



all of the above




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Hi Mamas,

I wanted to let you know that I make bows,baby shower items,tutus and there is more to come. I am trying to start up my own business. As of right now I do not ship anything, but I will soon. I will let you know the minute I do. Right now I am just looking for some feed back on some of my work so please let me know what you think or whether or not you'd buy something....I will post the pictures as I take them but for now I only have a few. Please answer the poll and if you'd like you can also comment thanks =)

This is the costume i made for my daughter...she is nearly 3mths and was a fairy this halloween...i didn't end up using the flower in her hair but I made her a red bow instead.....

Some of my bows:

I know so are hard to see 2nd row 3rd bow is a black flower bow made of ribbon

some close ups of the bows in the first picture of bows

some of the petals on the white flower were bent back sorry....

ladybug barrette.....

baby shower items

Guest book sorry the picture looks horrible it was taken with my phone (there is glitter on this)....

the inside of the book....

baby shower favor box

Baby shower game prize candy bouquet

a tag blanket I made this as a gift (there are tabs rainbow colored and light blue kinda hard to see taken with my phone)the front was butterflies and the back was striped....

embroidery work i did

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