So for the second day in a row the 7 yr old I watch comes out of school with candy cigarettes.  I hate to be that person but this infuriates me!! Why do they even make these things anymore? Then he gets in the car with 5 other kids and says "Look at me, I'm smoking".  Like it's something soooo cool.  Of course, I'm sensitive cause my mom died of lung cancer at 54 yrs old.  She smoked since she was probably 14.  But I was for sure yesterday was just a one time fluke.  I figured I was not the only one opposed to this.  But clearly I am!!

What say you?

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Nov. 10, 2010 at 6:56 PM

def see where you are coming from.I am a mother that would of said something and if nobody liked it OH WELL atleast I said my opinion.My father died at the age of 52 on Thanksgiving 2006..

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