I am now 34 weeks pregnant. I went into my OB appointment yesterday and my doc said I am measuring at 37 weeks. I either have a lot of amniotic fluid, he is a big baby or I'm further along than we thought. We find out next week after I have an ultrasound done. 

At this point in my pregnancy I am SO ready to have William. I am tired all the time, my hands and feet swell daily, it hurts to walk because he is so low in my pelvis, and my belly sticks out SO much that walking just SUCKS!! 

We have everything we need for when William does arrive. Everything is washed and in its place. We just need to install the carseat in our titan. 

I am hoping I am further along than we thought because that means he will be here sooner than we thought...and I really need to not be pregnant anymore lol. It's wearing on my body.

He moves allllll the time. Sticking his little butt out on the right side of my belly, which I think is really cute :) So...we are all ready for William to pick a day and come already!  

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Nov. 11, 2010 at 11:34 AM

FX for you to be farther along! That would be awesome :)

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