Maybe like lost keys when I stop looking for him, he will show up. I never dreamed one small soul would make so many changes in my life. I never dreamed my heart would ache so much but I also never thought he would be taken from my life, after all he is my Great Nephew. Well he was and I have missed him dearly, I have tried everything to get to talk to him, to see him. I just don't see it happening, he only lives 1/4 mile from my house and his grandfather the same in a different direction yet, no matter what I've tried it just doesn't happen! His grandfather (my brother) and grand mother didn't want to be involved when he was born and now that he can talk, they watch him but won't allow me to come over to see him because, you guessed it they don't want to be involved! They did inform me that he told them, doesn't like them and doesn't talk like he use too but, he does cry when his mother leaves and that makes her feel good.  This is the last photo I have of him and the last time I saw him. I keep hoping I'll see him either Thanksgiving or Christmas but I'm not really counting on it.


  Peanut, I love you, I miss you.  You will always have a special place in my heart but until child protective services or you get big enough to get yourself to me....I'LL BE WAITING TO FILL THAT HOLE IN MY HEART

  Love you so much Aunt T

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