I searched all over the net a couple of years back looking for letters from Santa that wouldn't break the bank, and would be more personalized than just their name at the top.  I found a few that used just a plain form letter, but wanted more, but didn't want to pay up to $50 for it.  I mean that's crazy right???  So I decided to do them myself, and they were such a huge hit, I was like why not see if anyone else is interested....

     Letters are 2 pages that I type from scratch for each child, that not only include info you provide, but also the day to day affairs of Santa on the North Pole.  My characters haven't changed in the 4 years that I've been writing them, which always comes a shock to families who place an order the following year.

      For example if you tell me your child loves football and their favorite team is the Cheifs, then part of the letter will go through the ups and downs of their season so far.  What is included is totally up to you, it could be a special gift they got for their birthday, or a new friend made at school. 

 Each tailor made letter will be 2 peppermint scented special pages, stickers and a coordinating envelope all for just $5.00 (through pay pal)

If you are interested please let me know through a message here or email: tiredmomma06@gmail.com.

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