I haven't updated on us for awhile, so I figured I should. We have a lot of changes in our lives this past few months. We moved in with my dad mid September so we could pay off all the debt we accumulated when DH had cancer 4yrs ago. It is hard to believe it was 4yrs ago this month that we received that horrible news. I am so happy that he has remained cancer free since. All the memories of that hard time was brought back last week when a good friend of mine found out her DH has terminal cancer. We are hoping they can get him into remission. He was told he could have 2months or years, it just depends on how his body responds to the very aggressive chemo he has started.

Sophia has been doing very well! We always have our hard days, and well......months, but I am so happy we are on a high right now! She has been so good and the meltdowns have been minimal (knock on wood). We are still working on trying to find a Occupational therapist and a psychologist that does play therapy around us, but we haven't had any luck. I'm sure we will end up driving over an hour for play therapy, but it will be worth it. She started preschool in September and is totally loving it. We had a really hard first month of it, to the point I almost pulled her out, but now she is doing great. The school has been fabulous with her. Whenever she has a meltdown they have a teacher that comes in and works with her. Because of this her meltdowns at school have been minimal. We go in for her conferences next week so I am excited to find out how she is doing with everything! I guess the hardest thing for us is just really watching what she is exposed to. So hard to remember that she understand way more then she should so what most 4yr olds don't understand she does. We have started making up code words for certain things, hoping she doesn't catch on soon, lol.

Amelia.....oh Amelia...... She is just a goon! So funny and very active. It is hard to believe that she will be 2 on Saturday. Where does the time go. She is a whole new treat for me cause Sophia was never the typical 2yr old. Totally loving the toddler stage! The things she comes up with everyday just amazes me. Sophia is her idol, which I absolutely love. Sophia does very well with her and Amelia just loves doing everything her big sister is doing. She has recently taken a huge interest in potty training, so I am hoping that we are at the end of diapers. Her favorite things are climbing, being a stinker and a tease and tormenting Sophia-which she is SOOOOO good at, lol.

I am now a SAHM, which I am totally loving. Have been since Aug 6. I was planning on finding a new job, but I love being home with the girls and they are doing so much better now that I can really work with both of them. My dad was kind enough to open his house to us so that I could stay home and still pay off debt. We rented out our house, which is a huge relief. It was just way to small for us. Afterall we bought it without planning on having kids there. Im hoping within the next year or two we can move closer to all our friends which live 30min south of us.

So that is about it. I hope everyone is doing well!

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