ughh I feel that my life is ruined ok ill tell you whats going on

ok first Amayas dad wants me to teach her chinese so he can speak to her so he wants me to give her chinese classes and those cost a fortune. And second my boyfriend broke up with me for another girl who is much prettier than me and I feel that my heart is soo very broken that I can barly breathe anymore and that I should just kill myself cause I loved my boyfriend so much :'(

But I cant kill myself because im to pathetic and I want my kids to have a mother.

Rawr!  im broken hearted :(

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Nov. 11, 2010 at 2:13 AM

Soooo, why doesn't he teach her Chinese?

As for the suicidal thing: Ur broken hearted and everything will be okay. Just take each day as it comes and embrace the good things. It's a door that has closed and another will open very soon. Keep ur chin up. Get ur hair done and smile.


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