literally, all because of what he puts my mom through :(

my brother and i are 5 years apart and he is what you call the 'bad seed'. when i turned 18 my mom got married and moved across country with her husband, my 2 brothers, and my sister. my younger brother got in trouble to the point where a judge my mom either she let them lock him up or she goes to jail. as hard as it was for her she let them take him.

over the next several years he's in and out of jail never seeming to learn his lesson. my mom lost her husband and a lot of support from family over him. i'm not saying you should abandon your child but there should be a line drawn at how much you should put up with.

i moved to stay with my mom so she could meet my oldest who was two at the time. my brother was in another state at this time so i didn't have to worry about him. we never got along because he used to steal from me and i got blamed for a lot of stuff when we were younger because i was the oldest. i ended up staying with my mom for two years to help her with my sister and with bills. i moved back home when my dd was 4 because my brother showed up on my mom's doorstep one day with a friend and she let them stay. his friend ran up the phone bill, which was in my name, to 1200 dollars by accepting collect calls. i flipped out when i saw the bill and me and my brother got into it and he shoved me down. i was five months pregnant so i told my mom i was leaving before i liked her son.

i didn't see them again for 4 years when they showed up on my door step at 2 in the morning. they kept getting evicted and had nowhere else to go so they drove three days hoping someone would take them in. i let them stay but only because my mom and sister were with them, big mistake. his girlfreind stole from me and they got into a fist fight in front of my kids. i kicked my brother and his girl out and my mom followed them because they felt that i was wrong.

i tried my best to find love in my heart for my brother but it just isn't there and that hurts me. i see what he puts my mom through and i honestly think she takes it because she feels guilty for sending him away when he was younger.

if you made it to the end thanks for reading my rambling, lol. i just had to get it out and i'm considered the black sheep in my family now because i won't put up with my brother's crap.

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