I am a cutter so the choice is obvious to me.

Not worth it anymore. I give and give and just can't do it anymore. I am done. I am empty.

But I'll probably just get bashed some more so have at it. But really, you don't have to tell me how worthless I am anymore. I already know. But thanks for pointing it out. Now the whole world knows.

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Nov. 11, 2010 at 6:41 AM

Everyone has value.  I know you do to.  Don't hurt yourself.  Ask people for help.  Sometimes people around us can't see that we are hurting.  I know you want help because you are posting here saying that you are contemplating the end.  Don't do that to your family.  Go get help.

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Nov. 11, 2010 at 7:09 AM

I am most likely a tad older than you,so please listen to the very few words I have to say.I know both unimaginable emotional pain,the kind you are amazed won't kill you,and I know the relief and calm and oh-so-welcome numbness that making the decision to end the suffering brings.When I was youg I was a cutter,as well as an addict,and when that didn't bring me enough pain I always had my eating disorder or the abusive men I chose to reassure me just how worthless I was.

But I screwed up all plans of self-destruction by the miracle of giving birth.I couldn't leave her with the legacy of my choosing to check out on her.So I breathed in and out,day after day,year after year,and when I was really tired of the pain I reached out for help.I started to love myself just a little and today I have an awesome life.It came at a high price and I'm not making light or trying to over simplify either of our journeys.What I'm saying is this:where there's life there is hope,and every single situation you will ever find yourself in,good and bad,is temporary.The entire world will change every day,and if you can hold on long enough,and be willing to work as hard at getting better as you do at feeling bad,things can and will get better.

You are my fellow human being,and while I don't know you, I love you,and I'm sure somebody else does,too.Don't cheat yourself out of a wild ride and don't cheat the world of your being in it.Call somebody and then message me if you'd like.Hell,message me 100 times a day if you have to.I don't have answers but I do have shoulders.Don't do anything.Just breathe in and out and stay with us.That's all you have to do today,and if I did it you can,too.

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