This week we started a new segment on my blog. Recently my oldest DD decided she wanted to be a Vlogger.  So as I told her that once a week she could have my blog all to herself and I would post a blog for her. It could be about anything her heart desires. She talked about how she loves the read along books on AOL kids. Among her favorite online books....she devours anything by Marc Brown and will actually tell you that is her favorite author. She then asked could she read books to other children.

So began our campaign to bring awareness to others of the illiteracy rates all across the world and how it has directly affected our life. The goal of her vlog is to encourage other children to read and try new books. We encourage kids to take time to send in their own vlogs of them reading or having their parent read to them...whether it be by blogs or Youtube. Once a week Lilly will post a Vlog reading a book and in return she would love for others to have a video response. So ask that everyone leave them in the comments section or email me and then on Friday, of every week, I will compile them together and post a blog of different we can all share and encourage others. I know Lilly looking forward to seeing other kids read their books.

You can read my blog here:

and here is a Lilly-Rose's first Vlog:

Interesting Facts about Ms. Doots:

Lilly did not really start talking until she was almost 4. She was diagnosed before that point with a speech/language delay, being borderline Autistic, and having OCD. Today she is a honor roll student at her school and in the accelerated reading program in her school.

Lilly's has had a love of books since she was born. I would read to her and she would just stare at the pages. When she was old enough to start holding books and turning the pages...she could spending hours in the floor doing so. It wasn't uncommon to find her sitting in corner with a book.

After she started wasn't long before she was reading. Now she reads daily and nightly. Her favorite thing to do is curl up on the couch with a good book and read it to me or have me read it to her. She also loves reading to her baby Sister. Every Thursday night she has a book that the teacher sends home to be read by her and she is tested on it on Fridays. Since school has begun she has never made less than a 100 on her reading tests. Both my DH and I are bookworms and it's no surprise that one of her loves in life turns out to be books.

So I would like to encourage everybody to encourage your child to read. There are so many adventures waiting for them on their shelf right now! They can be a astronaut, cowboy, knight, princess, and so much more! It's also a wonderful bonding experience reading with your children. You are preparing them for their future in such an awesome way. What better way to teach him/her one of their life skills for their future...than with them in your lap, snuggled to your chest, face of awe, and saying "That is so cool Mom!"

So come on over and help Lilly with her bring others awareness of Illiteracy in this world today and join in on a fun way to encourage your child to pick up a book.

My blog is also known for Lilly and I's wonderful giveaways. So keep on the look out of a reading fun giveaway. So come out in the blog community and support a little 5 year old's dream..that all children be encouraged to read.

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Nov. 11, 2010 at 8:13 AM

She sounds very much like my 8 year old was at her age. I wish you the best of luck with everything. I'm going to message you about something, it probably won't be of any help, but it's worth an ask. :D

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