I've kinda shyed away the last two days and avoided coming on CM while I surfed the internet vigerously trying to find a new job! Sounds silly but in good reason I knew expressing my feelings on here would only bring light to my life, you girls are the TRUTH!! Very much appreciated...

I'll begin my saying, I feel worthless. I've been crying all night/morning. I can't stop crying, I want to talk to someone but I think I'll start to cry again! I don't know where to start so lets see... I lost my job about a month ago and it's been hard. My son is four months old and I live with my boyfriend/ his father. Well I have a car note, car insurance, phone and electric bills. He pays them for me but he complains about it. I don't ask for much because I know its not in my means  and I've been on my own since I was 18 so I know what its like having to work and pay bills. Mind you, he has no other bills.

Is it wrong that I'm feeling like this? Am I doing somehing wrong?

I was home all day yesterday. I spent most my day online looking for work and tending to my son. My boyfriends other son came over for the weekend I took them to the park. I prepared dinner so when I got home from picking up my bf from work I would just have to throw the chicken on the grill and boil the noodles for mac & cheese, quick and easy. Well I picked up my bf from work. We got home, he was in the restroom getting ready for school and I asked him to feed the baby who was very fussy while i finished dinner for him to take to school. He slammed the door in my face, literally! I fed the baby myself.

Was that not disrespectful? Rude? Did I do something wrong? Why am I questioning myself like this...

... the story goes on but I want some input... Ladies!

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