Hello CafeMom Friends, Members and Family! 

I do not usually do this but just wanted you to be aware

of what has been recently going on and felt obligated

to give you first chance....


Wanted to send a quick note letting you know

I definitely am aware I have not been hanging around

as much these last two weeks. You see, so many beautiful 

doors have opened to allow me to help others in

ways I never thought possible if you asked me

a year ago.


This moment in my life has been a true blessing 

as myself and my business partners have come

together for one common purpose... and that is

to CHANGE AS MANY LIVES as we possibly 

can. So we have been working day and night to

bring everything together to be able to give

this opportunity of a lifetime to those who seek

it, those who are WILLING to put in what it takes

to make change and cultivate freedom (and most of

all have a PASSION for helping others do the same!).


This is not going to be anything but HEART FELT,


for those who choose to take on this amazing

opportunity. I am not one to throw hype out there

or talk up how absolutely easy it is to make TRUE

money and FREEDOM from home, but I will be the first to say

IF YOU ARE READY, we are ready to help you.


So to cut out all the fluff, junk and crap out I am just going

to get to the point... We have a solid Leadership Team growing

very rapidly and we are looking for those who want to

put in the work, heart and determination necessary to become

the next success story in the Network Marketing Industry.


And since you are exclusively my friend here on CafeMom you get first dibs to

secure your spot on this Private Webinar telling you 

exactly how you can do this, who you will be working with

and truly the success, freedom and purpose that will be alloted

if you choose to work side by side with us...


(Also some AMAZING guest speakers who are MULTI- 

Six Figure Income Earners in the company and on our team!)


This INNER CIRCLE Private Webinar will be on

Monday, November 15, 2010 at 7pm MST / 9pm EST

(Seats are LIMITED, so secure your spot now)



(Bring your friends, business partners or whoever you

feel would benefit taking this AMAZING journey into

success with you. The more the merrier.)


See you there!

To Your Success,

Jenn May


Inspiring Life Prosperity Through
Personal Growth And Online Marketing 

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