Yay!!!! Our Gerber house party have arrived!! Did anyone one else get picked? I heard a thump and a knock at the door. When Lilly and I took a break from popping corn (for our popcorn garland) we opened the door to find a HUGE box. I thought we would be sent coupons. Instead the box was huge and heavy. Here's what arrived:
  • 16 insulated Gerber tote bags.
  • 1 can of formula.
  • 1 can of Rice cereal.
  • 1 can of oatmeal.
  • 1 canister of Veggie puffs.
  • 1 stack of cups.
  • 1 stack of plates.
  • 1 stack of napkins.
  • 16 Gerber baby bibbs.
  • 16 (packs of 2) stage 2 baby food jars.
  • 16 (packs of 3) Smart sips.
  • A HUGE banner to hang up.
  • 15 books to encourage breast feeding.
  • Lots of Balloons with Gerber on them.

Do you know what the girls are having fun doing right now? Playing in the big box all this came in..lol. I better round them up to make some of our homemade Christmas ornaments and watch some Christmas cartoons. I have been looking forward to it since yesterday.

Per my blog:

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