Glass tile pendants are handmade and just adorable.   I have a full line of maternity pendants, but guess what. I have holiday pendants too.  They are perfect for the holidays and make unique and inexpensive gifts.  I love to wear them and make them.  

To help everyone get in the holiday spirit, I am giving away a set of 3 handmade (by me) holiday glass tile pendants from Belly Charms.  I am also including 3 ball chains to wear them on.  Keep them yourself or give them as gifts.

Each pendant is 7/8 inch square and has a silver plated bail on top.  The set includes the Little Christmas Tree I believe Santa and a personal favorite - the hip Peace, Love and Snowman pendant.  If you have a daughter, she will fight you for the last one I promise.

The value of this gift pack is $35.97.  Each pendant retails for $11.99

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