I was recently selected to host a Shutterfly Party at my house. I received samples of the new Holiday cards, samples of candy, some tote bags, and coupons. 
I had a pretty good turnout of friends and family for my party. We spent some time talking about making Photo Books but most of our time was sent talking about the new card designs.

Here is a link to the Christmas Cards, some really cute designs! 

They have an assortment of Holiday cards found here... 

My very favorite are the Holiday Photo Cards!
I love the new designs and have so much fun arranging everyones photos to make a unique card to send to friends and family. We have quite the challenge finding Photo Cards that will hold our entire families pictures (there are 7 of us). With Shutterfly's wide assortment it makes ordering cards a breeze!  

The bottom line... Shutterfly is the best! From ordering cards to making photo books for the grandparents! 

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