Well today hasn't been too bad. I had my surgery on Monday (my cyst removal, right ovary removal and d&c). I'm still in some pain, the worst is when I get up or down, sit up or down ect.. but every day the pain decreases a little bit. Still having to take my pain meds though, but I have cut back a little bit. My insicions seem to look good, healthy, dry, no leaking or puss, and seem to be healing well. It seemed I was allergic to the adhesive bandages they used for my surgery, so I then developed water blisters as an allergic reaction. Yesterday and this morning they were bothing me SO bad, and constantly rubbing against my clothing. A few had popped, and then I admit I popped the rest.Thank goodness I did, it feels SO much better! When I called my doctor yesterday about the blisters, she said if they popped it was, just make sure to clean them, and keep them dry. So I have done so. Last night I finally had a bowel movement since the surgery, talk about relief! But, there's still alot of gas and waste in my body since the surgery, and I'm still having to take softners to help me go. This afternoon I went again, which is great. So now the bloating is slowly going down. Anyways that's about my surgery/heal/pain for right now.

I had a disturbing phone call from my grandmother today, at 5:30 this morning. Come to find out my moms bf Jimmy (who's been in the hospital a few times lately) passed away. I guess my mom woke up around 5am and turned around to wake him, hold him or whatever.. and he was dead :O I can't even imagine how mom must feel. Obviously upset because her bf passed away, but at the same time waking up next to someone that died... creepy.. if if were me, I'd probably be scarr'd for life! So I feel so bad for her, like I said I can't even imagine how she must feel. What makes me feel bad though is, we've been talking about her moving up here with us, which she is. And she was supposed to come up next week or so.. and I just, I dont even know how to describe it. I guess Jimmy's funeral is Tuesday, so we're supposed to sell one of the tractors tomorrow, so we'll be getting some decent money for that although not as much as we thought we'd get. I guess the tractor really isn't worth what we thought. But anyways with the money we planned on paying on some bills, and what not. But I think we might try and swing going back down to RI & CT (where I'm from) so that way I can be there for my mom at Jimmy's funeral. And at the same time see my gram (dad's mom, as her and dad raised me) because I miss her so damn much. I haven't been down there since March, so if we can manage going down (depending on the money, plus how I'm feeling) I really think we might try to go down next week.

Besides all of that.. Im actually in a good mood today. I've recently found another website its called http://www.mdjunction.com/ and I think it's an amazing site! You all should really check it out. It's a website with hundreds and hundreds of forums/groups pertaining to ALL different and imaginable health problems. Whether its PCOS, Migranes, to Heart attacks to Depression. Almost every health issue imagineable, they have support groups/forums for! So being on that site, this one and PCOSCOMMUNITY the past few days, I've gotten alot of insight from other woman that have the same issues as me, and either went through, or going through. And that's great because then I get to talk to other woman and also get support and advice. I love it. Well.. that's my entry for today I guess...

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