Yesterday I started my new semester at school. I am hopeful that it goes better than the last one. Today my dd was sent home from school with a fever. Of course, she is absolutely fine now. Annoying me to death. Still have our houseguests. NO i'm not complaining about that though. I love them being here. Got to see my sisters ex fiancee on tuesday. We had a good visit and caught up on a lot of things. I miss him. My hubby is still working 60 hours a week, so we rarely see him except to eat or sleep. And once again, i'm not overly complaining about that. I know we are very lucky for him to have a job, and one that he does get overtime at. Have begun to realize how many true friends that I have. (Not very many). The ones who call themselves friends only are around when they need something. I just want a couple whom I can talk to without them blabbing to the whole world. My dearest friend doesn't talk to me anymore since he started dating this new woman. Oh well. His loss right. At least thats what I keep telling myself. Thinking I need a vacation from all of the drama going on around here. Wow, and I didn't really think I had anything to say. Sorry.

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