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Hot Holiday Toys 2010

November 9, 2010 3:11 PM

Buzz Light Year

From julieparise

 Hot Holiday Toys 2010

Get ready – it’s that time of year again.

Earlier this week, Starbucks brought back their red holiday cups. Trees on the city sidewalks are now brightly lit-up with holiday glimmer, and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has announced it’s new Twitter account. Yep, holiday shopping season is upon us. The Toy Insider, an annual consumer holiday toy guide, was released on Nov. 1. It features nearly 100 toy recommendations, including the “Hot 20” – the panel’s picks of this seasons must-haves.

CBSNewYork spoke to toy expert Laurie Schacht, co-publisher of The Toy Insider and founder of The Big Toy Book. She filled us in on some of the big themes for children’s gifts in 2010 – and tipped us off to what will most likely be on your son or daughter’s wish list this year. Below are some of our favorite picks.  (Photo: Getty Images)

hide and seek jojo Hot Holiday Toys 2010

(Credit: The Toy Insider)

Hide and Seek JoJo Interactive Bunny

Silverlit Toys
18 Months and up

Technology and interactivity top the list of trends you’ll see in toy stores this year, and this high-tech pet is a prime example. JoJo can also serve as a babysitter to your toddler – he actually plays hide-and-seek! The bunny comes with a magic carrot, which attracts the bunny to its playmate. The child takes the carrot in his or her hand and turn on JoJo, who then counts to 10 and says “ready or not here I come!”

Hexbug Nano Set

hexbug nano set Hot Holiday Toys 2010

(Credit: The Toy Insider)

Innovation First
3 Years and Up

These little robotic creatures will serve not only as entertainment for your youngster, but as a secret science lesson as well. Hexbug Nanos come in test tubes and run on vibrations. Schacht also mentioned the lesson-learning that comes with the trend of collectible toys we’re seeing in 2010. The collectible parts are between $5 and $10, so kids can earn and save up their allowance to keep their collection going.

Scene It? Disney Magical Moments

scene it Hot Holiday Toys 2010

(Credit: The Toy Insider)

6 years and up

2010 has seen a surge in both games and movie-related items, according to Schacht.It’s no surprise, then, that Scene It? Disney Magical Moments is likely to be a hit this year. The game is suggested for children ages six and up, but as the expert points out, parents will love this too. It’s classic Disney Pixar, so even grown-ups will know the clips and music.

Toy Story 3 Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear

blast off buzz lightyear Hot Holiday Toys 2010

(Credit: The Toy Insider)

Thinkway Toys
6 Years and Up

According to Schact, the Toy Story toys are flying off the shelves – and this one literally flies. In fact, this version of Buzz Lightyear has all the bells and whistles: lights, sounds, movie phrases. At $39, it’s one of the more expensive items on the Toy Insider list.

Paper Jamz

paper jamz Hot Holiday Toys 2010

(Credit: The Toy Insider)

9 years and up

While the older children are more difficult to shop for, the same themes of technology and interactivity are behind the popular items for the kids entering double-digits. Paper Jamz earns it’s name because it’s a paper-thin guitar – but it’s not actually made of paper. It’s a stringless guitar where you can create your own music or play along to pre-downloaded songs. Under $24.

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