I was sitting and thinking about things we went through to get our son here. First off we misscarried our first and second baby, second time around i got so sick i almost lost my life due to anorexia. I was so sick i couldnt eat and when i would i'd throw it up. I couldn't even drink. I was so dehydrated and went several times to the hospital and was pumped with fluids. I stayed in bed all the time and took tons upon tons of medicine to stop the pain. I look back and it could have been worse, i could have been 6 feet under without the love of my life. and more importantly if i would have never found help i wouldnt have the beautiful baby boy that i have. I sit and think about those who don't belive in prayer and Gods miracles, if it wern't for the power of prayer and belief i wouldn't be here today. my life is something i cherish every moment of everyday to have.  I'm thankful for our Lord & what hes done for me and giving me the opportunity to be a mother and live to see the next day.

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Nov. 14, 2010 at 3:39 PM

my warm home for my kids and the woodstove and chococlate 

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