hi moms it,s been awhile since i been on here but i,m back and the new issue is that my 10 yr old is working my nerve he has this thing that he does not have to do homework he hides it behind his dresser or under his bed or he just dnt bring it home or write it down i been talking to him asking him what' s the problem and all he says is "i dnt kno" that pisses me off. His dad sat down and talked wit him but the same respond we did the punishment take thing away but nothing just dnt kno what to do. 

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Nov. 11, 2010 at 8:25 PM

OMG!  I sooooooo went through this last year with my son AND my friend's kids who were living with me.  Thankfully, for my son it was short lived.  Her kids were a little rougher because they thought they didn't have to listen to me :D  whoops.  I can tell you what I did, maybe it will help you.

I not only took away television and other items of happiness.  I made my son LITERALLY come home from school and sit on the couch and STARE at the wall until dinner.  He was allowed to get up ONCE to use the restroom.  AFter dinner, he sat in his room, on his bed, and stared at the wall until bedtime.  (that wasn't even the half of it... that was just a weeks worth of grounding).  I had my son's teacher send me an email or text with the homework at the begining of the day (before they went to lunch usually).  Neither of us told him we were doing it either.  When he would tell me he didn't have homework, I would show him the paper I had printed off the computer and act like I "found" it.  After a day or two, he started bringing home the hw.  (see, I have this thing with my kdis where I have eyes in the back of my head AND know and hear all... so this little trick scared my son enough).  I did this for ALL 4 of the kids that were doing it (only one was mine).  After homework started getting done... they STILL had grounding and punishments to deal with.  I made the kids 9+ write from the dictionary... literally STRAIGHT OUT OF THE DICTIONARY after homework was done until dinner.  The two 8yr olds had to write sentences over and over (I will not hide my homework.  I will take school as serious as a job.  I will not lie.)  :)  It had to be written NEATLY too.  That went on for 3 days (was supposed to go on for a week, but I gave in)... then they still had no TV or game systems for another week.  So it was 3 total weeks of punishment  (only 2 weeks for the 2 kids that caught on quick.)

I was told by friends and my parents that I was too hard on them... but honestly, it was the counselor's idea (the one at the school), I just took it a little bit further with the emails from the teachers.  My son hasn't ONCE tried to get out of doing his homework since- and that happened in March of this year....  My friends kids lived with me until September and didn't try it again.... but I heard that 2 of them started it up again last month. 

I hope this helps!  Just keep talking to him... and each time he does it you have to increase the punishment a little further. 

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