i'm, so frustrated me and my husband constanly fight about his mom and my kids that it is tareing us apart sad thing is if my kis realized or knew they would walk away just so i could be happy. But that is not right they were here long before him and they used to get along but his mom since we got married partially cause i am older she has done things to make us fight , make me wanta give up on life , she beat me down mentally. my kids we fight argue they stay away a couple of months come back around grow up as i put it and want to build our relationship and try and put the pst behind us. but his mother wow she still goes. i don't want her around me and if she is i keep my mouth shut now unless she does something that really bothers me than i blow up have to yell or i tell him but he dont do nothing i know this isn't making since. i'm jsut afraid when he comes home tommrow he is going to want to seperate........ This fight broke out Why cause our son is going to be singing in church sunday with his preschool class he invited everyone in his family but when i invited my kids especially my daughters finance ( he is abusive) but getting help they say. But like i told him i want my older kids there just like he wants his family wether or not my daughter brings her Fiance  there nothing i can do it is the house of God and a public place. it jsut for one hr. As it is He is not welcomed in our home and he don't want her there either but it is ok for his mother knowing this women hates me and she has stated hate we have control issue over my Son who is 3.5yrs she treats him like he is hers with no reguards to us as parents. They go rounds but it will never change. i'm also in agreement if something don't give you should seperate i can't ask him to give up his mother and i won't give up my kids. i am a stay at home mom we also have a 21 mth old.. im thinking maybe i should look for work and put my boys in daycare full time that is what i am going to have to do if we can't get passed this. he is barely talking to me. jsut tells me he loves me but this will never stop. sorry this is long jsut needed to get off my chest instead of sitting here crying.. well if you listen this far Thank you

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