Its seems that no matter how hard i try to be nice it seems to come and bite back at me i cant be nice anymore all people keep doing is causing drama and starting problems because they arent happy with their lives so they have to ruin everyone else around them that is happy.

between the ex and his mom they always seem to put my child in the middle and threatning that if they dont get this or that that they are going to take him away so i will never see him again but to tell the truth they dont have jobs or a steady place and no rights rite now i do and i work and have my own place i have everything for him and when i get this child support and custody all done they will be surprized all the crap talking they have done just turned around and bit them in the butt....

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 8:03 AM

I do not know you or your situation but if I was you I would blow them off, they are just popping off. Drama is so iggnorant, and plus they are adults. I am here if ya would like to talk. ;)    you rock

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