Figured I'd come here to vent/brag...since its been a while, and I'm sure no one in mt groups wants to hear this, lol!

So, Bob has been sick, as usual, perhaps MORE sick than usual. He seems to have cold after cold, infection after infection, virus after name it! It worries me greatly. Especially the culmination of his symptoms as of late. He seems to have a fever that comes and goes, whether he is noticably ill or not. he's had some stomach issues we have narrowed down to a possible past GI bleed/sinsitivity to ibuprofen. But lately(the past month and a half or so), he complains of a stomach ache daily. He's also had many sprained ankles, thrown his back out(at age 3!), and lots of joint aches. Then, as he was undressing to get in the bath I noticed all his bruises. On his ribcage, on his knees, shins...I know his immune system is not normal, as he is currently suffering from molluscum contagiosim(a human pox virus). He's also had night sweats for about a year...which I have been trying to get to the bottom of, and so far I've ruled out diabetes...but all of this together screams Leukemia to me.

I know, I'm pregnant, therefore hormonal, and over-protective. But the bruising easily is the last straw.

But how do I bring this up with his practitioner without sounding like a worry wart after all this other testing I've been having her do?

He had to go in today, although his doc was out for the week, so we just saw the NP. He had a cold starting two weeks ago, came down with croup last weekend, got a shot of steroids to help with the swelling(as he was unable to breathe many times, which was terrifying), and seemed to get better one day, the BOOM. The next his nose was back to being a green booger fountain and he was up all night coughing and choking.

The NP took a loot at him and commented how he MUST be feeling all better, because he really doesn't look sick. Not really.

She looked at his throat, it looked a bit irritated, but good. She looked at one ear, and asked him if his ear hurt. He shrugged his shoulders and said "no, there's nothing wrong with me". She then told me that she was shocked that he wasn't screaming and crying in pain while she looked in his ear because he has a pretty bad ear infection, not the normal ear infections they usually see, but really bad. Huh, I had no idea...he never once said anything about his ear. I was more concerned that he had another sinus infection...which he did!

Should I just call and ask the receptionist to schedule a cbc? Can I do that? Can they do that? I just want to rule out leukemia for my peace of mind. Am I crazy???

Aaaaaand, here is my brag:

The nurse practitioner said to me, "I am extremely impressed by Seth's intelligence! You know you have a very smart child on your hands? Well of course you do! His vocabulary is amazing, and he articulates very well!"

*I* know Bob's a genius...its just nice when other recognize it as well :P He got an audiobook as a prize from Wendy's about a year ago...we have since started reading the book series, becuase he absolutely fell in LOVE with it! They are chapter books, but set up in the most amazing way! Bob has memorized a lot of the books, and has learned a lot of them by sight. And I recently found out they are for grades 2-4! Thats pretty good at three years old! My niece, who is 8 is at the same level, in third grade! She even borrows his books for school!

So, all in all, I love my little Bob, and no matter HOW big he gets, he will ALWAYS be my baby!

oh, and he has grown 4 inches this year!!! And put on NO weight. Go figure.

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