Hello to all my viewers.

This morning when I woke up i was checking out the Costal Scents website to see what color pallet I want to get for Christmas. You see as of lately I've been really, really wanting to get more into eye makeup, using diff. colors and techniques and Youtube has been my best friend. Well as i was shopping around i saw this soap for 11.99 that no lie looked like a piece of turd left out in the sun to dry. I'm sorry i know that was gross but it is HONESTLY want i was thinking when i saw it. i was like no way could i bring myself to use that on my face! Well, i became intrigued by the weird soap and decided to research it and apparently I'm late to the party, everyone has been raving about it. How it has cleared up their skin within a months time, erased old acne scars and the list went on. Well no sooner than I got the information on this soap i had to step out to the hair store and guess what i happen to stumble upon the same UGLY SOAP but only 2.99! Well this must be fate so i got it and a few other items NOT on my shopping list, you know how that goes, lol.

I decided to log my face journey to see if this thing really works. I've used so may products i feel like I'vewaisted my time and money and the thing that really sucks as i sit here and think about it is that i am 27 yrs old... i thought Adults didn't have to worry about acne?! I need something that works, REALLY WORKS in as few steps as possible in order for it to work for me. Thanksgiving is coming up and I might be going out of town to see my in-laws which i don't seen often and one thing that came to mind is that i don't wanna feel like i have to get up 30 mins. before everyone so i can put on my face before someone sees me without my makeup and i give them a heart attack!

So, tonight I have used the Black Soap for the second time today (I used it once in the morning as soon as i got it) and only put on a Mary Kay moisturizer. Even though i was temped to used some kind of acne spot treatment if my face clears up i want to know it was because the SOAP worked. I took a few before pictures but will be uploading them tomorrow and I will try to upload pics weekly.

Just so you know the soap lathers Really well haven't seen anything quite like it. It does leaves my face feeling dry but not that much I have experienced worse and it took off my makeup with no problem. someone online said it was a good makeup remover so i check that claim... they're right. Well i have work tomorrow so i'll stop by and chat later!

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Nov. 21, 2010 at 12:07 AM

I want to see pictures.shooting photo

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