I’m finally going to admit it – I don’t know how to cook. There, I said it. For those who know me best that’s a big shocker, because if invited to my house, I always treat you to a Royal Feast. However, I mean real cooking like Grandma used to make. From scratch.

I am a slave to the el-recipe. Without one, my offerings are edible but not delectable. And living in a small town, good luck finding exotic ingredients at the local No Thrills! I have become a master at substitution though, but that only gets you so far. I think it’s time to learn to cook and stop using knives as a multi-purpose tool, like opening the un-openable plastic packaging that everything seems to come in these days. (What?! You know you do it, too! LOL)

So it was with great interest that I turned around to find a life-sized poster of Chef Maribel sporting saran wrap and wielding a set of kitchen knives between her fingers. Visiting The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair this week, I was checking out the food building and came across the FoodDiva.com, Chef Maribel’s Online Cooking School.

Chef Maribel is passionate – about teaching skill sets that demystify the mechanics behind recipes instead of merely following instructions like lemmings being pushed off a cliff. She also wants us to put the knives down until we can learn to use them properly and respectively, even children. “Knives are not weapons,” says Chef Maribel. “They are tools.”

Inspired by Angelina Jolie’s admission that she has taught her son Maddox how to use a knife, Chef Maribel launched a new instructional tutorial called, “The Cutting Edge of Child’s Play” where children learn culinary knife skills. Not on my parental-watch, you say? Well, Chef Maribel thinks maybe you should reconsider, after all knife accidents are the number one injury in the kitchen. If children learn to use and respect a knife, then they won’t be so prone to mishaps now or later in life.

Born in Columbia, South America, Chef Maribel has spent the last 24 years in the hospitality industry, which includes cooking for millionaires, billionaires and Royalty. But if you wanted to get Chef Maribel into your kitchen, it would cost you a fortune! Or maybe not?

Started in 2003 as a Boutique Culinary School, operations eventually evolved into an online business, FoodDiva.com, offering cooking lessons, kitchen tips, skills training, and utensil and equipment explanations through a cooking video library and available 24/7. No matter if you’re a beginner or a foodie-first-class, FoodDiva.com has something for everyone, anywhere and at anytime of the day or night – you get to chose when.

To learn more about Chef Maribel, check out www.fooddiva.com and take the 30 Million Dollar Challenge – a food bank fund raising initiative with proceeds from “The Cutting Edge of Child’s Play” tutorial also being donated. You can view this individual lesson for only $1.99 or sign up for a yearly membership and take advantage of the complete video library.

“I believe cooking is a life skill,” says Chef Maribel. Me too, but I have a long way to go – like investing in that funky gadget that opens those stupid plastic packages instead of prying it open with a knife. Now that’s an accident waiting to happen!


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