Oh my goodness, one month from today (the 11th) my baby will be 2!!! I am very excited but I just got done looking at pictures from her birth and...I bawled. No lie, tears streamed down my face. I just remembered the emotion, the feelings, the excitement, the EVERYTHING about that time. I remember going into labor alone and being in labor alone because my husband was on the ship and driving all the way to base (30-45 minutes) to pick him up. And then I remember the pushing and it coming to the lasy few pushes and thinking "I know I can but I hope I have it [the strength] in me", then seeing her and she was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And now she is turning two and she feeds herself and she goes potty by herself, and she loves to cuddle each morning and she just amazes me every day. It wasn't until I had a child that I realized just how incredible they are.

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