Angellight626's Journal




We're justified by faith-we live by faith,
In God’s Holy Word we’re told;
Just as our fathers of long ago-
The prophets and saints of old.
By faith Enoch walked so close with God...
He was translated into heaven above.
By faith Noah prepared an ark of safety,
As he warned from a heart of love.
By faith Abraham obeyed and went out
Looking for the promised land;
Sojourning in a strange country,
following God’s own hand.
By faith Moses led the Hebrews from bondage
Crossing the sea on dry ground.
By faith Joshua instructed the people to shout!...
And the walls of Jericho fell down.
Faith as a grain of mustard seed
Can move mountains and part the sea,
And the prayer of faith can heal the sick
And set the captive free.
Yes, justified by faith-we live By Faith-
The Faith of the Son of God,
Looking to Him-The Author and Finisher
As on this earth we trod.

"Looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith"(Hebrews12:2)

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