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I honestly believe that we have the worst luck with in-home daycares. It's not that our children are nasty little goblins, it's not that our demands are strict and difficult to follow, it's not that we're rude or unappreciative... it's just, bad luck!

Our daughter will be 3-years old next month, she is potty trained and pretty easy going, fairly-well disciplined, intelligent, and independent. She's not clingy or attached at my hip and enjoys playing with other kids or by herself.

Our son is 10-months old and also not clingly, plays well by himself, returns smiles and crawls around on his own. He feeds himself soft table foods and lays down for naps with minimal effort.

Both children, no complaints from anyone about their behavior.

Our demands are simple, (1) let us know if you aren't available ahead of time and, (2) call if you have any questions; we'll be on time and pay when we pick up.

While I may be completely oblivious to it all, most of our sitters have been wonderful, caring, and sweet people. So, why have we gone through 19 babysitters in 2-years? Yes, 19.

We tried daycare centers, they would be swallowing my entire paycheck on a weekly basis, so I might as well not work. That's not an option for us. We tried church daycares, they have year-long waiting lists.

Some of the horror stories alone from our experiences with in-home sitters could have been newsworthy:

"Babysitter leaves children unattended in running and unlocked vehicle for more than 15 minutes, gets child endangerment citation on 3 counts and loses gig."

"Babysitter quits without notice because Mother of children doesn't want to be BFFs."

"Babysitter involved in car accident, resulting in heart failure and bedrest."

"Babysitter's children torments and acts with violence towards other children. Other kids scared to be in the same room without parental supervision."

"Babysitter didn't want to wake up early anymore, gives 2-weeks notice."

"Babysitter gets another full-time job and can't watch children anymore."

"Babysitter receives notice on door from the landlord to cease business operations from her apartment effective immediately."

"Babysitter is not home."

"Babysitter leaves children alone upstairs to go cut someone's hair in the basement."

"Babysitter tries to pull skin back from circumcision, thinking it wasn't done right, resulting in irritation and very upset baby boy requiring antibiotic ointment for treatment."

We are starting a new in-home daycare this Monday. Prior to hire, we did a one-day trial, and now a one-week temporary to potential permanent job into fullblown, full-time care.

Throughout it all, I'll have to admit it's made me pro at juggling diaper bags and finding impromptu replacements to watch our children.

Here's to #20... let's hope she's a keeper. :)

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 11:19 AM

Good luck. Sounds like Baby sitters is not the way to go.

It may be too late for this but here is a good link. Please be aware that there are 2 types of in-home daycares. in-home and group. the group daycare is allowed more children but also have more DCFS  requirements and  more education of the provider and usually have some sort of curriculum and an assitant. (more like a center) both are required to have CPR and first aid as well as fingerprinting and background checks which you don't get that peice of mind with a babysitter. Hope this is a good one!

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 11:46 AM

Thanks Montessorimom77!  I checked out the link and found a couple that were close by.

Unfortunately, one of them charges $120/week per kid. (ouch).

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