All parents should definitely get ready for winter illnesses. Good hand washing & immunizations will obviously help however you should keep at hand acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. A large box of soft tissues and oral rehydration solution for young children will also be a good idea to keep at hand. If you have any children at the daycare try to have a back up plan just in case your child gets sick. Think about a person that could take care of your child, or pick them up at school if you can’t because you are at work. Call them in advance & tell them you need help you with your sick child. Remember, it always helps to prepare ahead of time. Fever is not the sign of serious illnesses although it’ll be helpful keeping a non-contact thermometer at hand. Fever is just a symptom that accompanies many childhood illnesses. Vomiting occurs when the child has stomach virus or acute gastroenteritis and it’s usually accompanied by diarrhea. If your child develops symptoms of dehydration you should call your doctor immediately. Vomiting accompanied by abdominal pain usually happens in children with appendicitis. Coughing is associated with colds and difficulty breathing with asthma. It might be a little stressful at times having to deal with a sick child or having to take a day off from work & then having to go back to work to face a pile of undone things…Take advantage of every opportunity you spend with your child. They will remember the times your read stories when they were sick. My dad used to make me chicken soup every time I got a cold. I always think about dad each time I get a cold & how nice will it be if someone will prepare me a delicious chicken soup. Each time a storm will come, mom will bake my favorite dessert. Consequently, I can’t think of something I’m afraid of in life because my parents always tried making the most out of every situation.

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