my daughter just turned 3 in late august and she just seems to not want to talk, she babbles alot and says about 3-4 words. i try to repeat words to her over and over until im blue in the face and she just won't repeat them. i have taken her to the doctor and they say she will talk when she is ready and she shows no signs of autism. others tell me it could be because her daddy speaks to her in spanish and i in english but i just dont know how a 3 year old can know the difference between the two languages.. i just dont get it. i am always worrying that there is something wrong with her... my niece is about 1 1/2  months younger than her and she says every word under the sun.. hahaha... anyway if someone has any advice please feel free to share.. NO NEGITIVE COMMENTS PLEASE...

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 1:43 PM

read her books we had a child that wasnt catching up he loved books thought they   help      have you   had her hearing tested ??

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 1:54 PM

My son speech at 3 wasn't very good at all. When our doctor kept saying that he was fine and that he would catch up I took him to be evaluated for preschool. They confirmed that he had a speech delay. I put him into preschool so that he could get speech therapy. Speech therapy has done a lot for him. He's actually in his last year of speech therapy.

Have you seen any other signs of autism? Like always lining things up, obsessed with one thing all the time, seems to be in her world at times, plays along side other children  rather than actually play with etc.... If so then go go to a psychiatrist and talk to them.

Good luck!!

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 2:12 PM

Teaching a child two languages at the same time will slow them down.  She can always learn spanish when she is older. It is really easy to learn. I learned it in high school.

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 2:13 PM

Hi doodlicious....I have had a similiar situation....My child is Special Needs-Down Syndrome and is now having a growth spurt in speaking, repeating, ect.  at age 18.  She has always been excellent in signing and has always had the most amazing receptive vocabulary....That being said, please keep reading....

This is why I am responding to this:  My husband is Mexican and I am American....From the beginning I was told that presenting two different languages to her at the same time would hinder her SPEAKING ENGLISH....Hmmmmmm I said.

I refused to listen, and I am NOT sorry I did it.....From the very beginning Gracie has preferred the Mexican language, hearing it.....I can see why, since I am bilingual in Spanish myself....It sounds like a beautiful song....and my strong feeling was that there was NO WAY I was going to deprive my precious child from having that loving relationship with her daddy....So what I have is a bonded, very happy family and a child that understands English and Spanish perfectly.

I also learned Spanish from being an exchange student to Bolivia in 1970.....and kept up with it.....I moved to Texas over 20 years ago and eventually got my bilingual endorsement to teach in the bilingual classroom, and later the Newcomer Center (Spanish only).

This is what I want to share:  Everyone that learns a foreign language, and I would add the native language.....listens first.....for a long, long time.....then learns to speak, then maybe read and write....This is exactly what my kids did.   They had to be bathed in English...They DID NOT want to speak immediately and couldn't either, in English....But I from the first day...spoke to them in very simple English, very kindly so they were treated with respect and they could build their self-esteem....They picked up immediately with commands....and from then on it was learning the alphabet, numbers, words, ect......This was as they were learning everything else in Spanish, at their grade level (3rd grade in my case).  

So where your child is at...I would not worry at all...I really believe she does understand, even at three,  the difference between the two languages....All children babble at first...They are practicing what they are hearing...Repetition is so important in any language.....Keep doing what you are doing....a great job!!!!!....You with English only , and your husband with Spanish only are helping her brain collect and store words, like a bank.....and someday she will surprise you by speaking words.  For some reason my daughter didn't want to repeat either....and it really hurt my feelings!!!!!  She is now repeating and I am soooooo happy.  (I am homeschooling her).

I am with the doctor....She will talk when she is ready....Please try to look at her as her own little person....who has parents that love her in two different languages....She is so blessed to have you both!!!!!

Please keep me posted on how you are doing...I'll be thinking of all of you!!!!!.


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Nov. 12, 2010 at 2:46 PM

I agree completely with Veronica Tex above me, and wanted to add my own experience. My son had the same problem, about not wanting to talk. We were teaching him both english & spanish, because his dad is hispanic, and people told me the same things about how I was confusing him, etc. But I knew they were wrong, because my SIL has taught her kids the same way, and they picked up on it just fine. My son would not talk, at first. But I found out, through experimenting and listening to him, that the spanish was actually easier for him at first. So, my advice is to listen to her babbles, and to her words, and see if maybe the spanish would be easier for her right now.

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