i've seen a lot of posts lately about unwed moms thinking the system shouldpay for their child if the father isn't involved. i've even seen moms post that the reason they won't get married is because they won't get as much help. while i agree with some of it not all of us are like that, things happen that can prevent you from ever working again no matter what you do.

i'm posting anon because i love this site and don't want to get bashed just because some moms don't agree with my choices. i also don't want pity from you guys, lol.

i have twins that don't have their father around because he choose not to be. did i run and get on assistance? no i didn't because i've worked since i was old enough to and made pretty good money so i had a nice sized savings account. while pregnant i developed a lot of complications and lost my job because of them. when i had my twins i got real sick and had to have my mom come help me. the only help i got was wic because although i planned to breastfeed the medications i ended up on prevented that. as soon as i was able i got another job but i still had lots of therapy and lost my job because their attendance policy allowed a certain amount of doctor excuses. i'm still looking for work but my savings ran out so i do get state aid. do i plan on being on it for the rest of my life? hell no! i'm ashamed that i even need it and hate going grocery shopping because i feel like i'm being judged. do i plan on having anymore children? not at this time. i'm too sick to think about trying to keep a man happy while caring for my children. i've been single since the day i found out i was pregnant and plan on being that way until i'm on my feet because i don't want any accidents happening. my twins are 18 months now and hopefully i'll be well enough to work by this time next year.

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