You are ready to take your relationship to the next level.  You hand your partner discussed bondage play, but are not ready for anything hardcore.  There are different levels of bondage play, and does not necessarily mean getting tied up and having pain or extreme discomfort inflicted on either partner.  Bondage play can be an extreme turn on for both partners and can be something as simple as being restrained while your partner teases you with a feather tickler, lightly whips, or explores your body with his or her fingers, and mouth.  In addition to your normal foreplay, taking control of your partner or playing the submissive one is sexually stimulating for many couples and is a way to keep your sex life exciting.  If you are looking to experiment with bondage play, there are a number of great beginner kits and products that you and your partner may enjoy.  These items are not intimidating for first time users.

Furry Cuffs - these cuffs are lined with soft, leopard print fur.  These cuffs are comfortable to use and may be less intimidating than regular hand cuffs.  Plus, there is a quick release latch for safety, which allows you to release yourself from the cuffs without assistance.  A great alternative for individuals who do not like the cold, hard feeling of regular hand cuffs.

Lover's Prisoner Kit - Doing time has never been more fun.  Take your partner into custody and make him or her the prisoner of your desires.  Inclludes two wrist and ankle restraints,  rubber whip, and a soft collar with attachable leash.  sometimes it feels good to be bad.

Vanilla Bondage Kit - A fantastic light bondage play kit that features a silky blindfold mask and two silky vanilla colored ties.  This is a great gift to surprise your lover with as it is playfully packaged in a realistic looking ice cream container.  The Vanilla Bondage Kit will wet your appetite, leaving you and your partner craving for more.

Sexy Slave Kit - Make your lover obey your every sexual command.  The Sexy Slave Kit includes soft, red cuffs, a blindfold, and a delightful feather tickler.  This kit includes everything you need to enjoy memorable nights of bondage play.  

Remember, it is important that you and your partner feel completely comfortable with bondage play.  Relax and enjoy yourselves.  You may find that your and your partner will incorporate bondage play more often in the bedroom.

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