As a child and later in High School I never knew what I wanted 'to be' when I grew up as many of my peers did. I was alway kind of a 'loner' and didn't have many friends so when I got into high school I decided to graduate early and be done with "these immature kids" as was thought by me. Well I was off to college and had no clue what courses to take and what direction to go into. My first semester in college I got bad pnemonia and had to drop a class and got a D in one of my other classes. I squeaked by and decided that I needed to take a Summer course to kind of make up for the rough start. I decided to enroll in a introductory child development class and fell in love. I knew this was it;  I had my path.

While doing my practicum I was given an opportunity to visit a nearby Montessori school among others.  while observing, I noticed  a lot going on;  it was so different then other schools, daycares, or preschools that I had visited before. It was quite, not silent, but more like a buzz of children engaged in their work.Thedy were moving about, choosing the most unusual things from the shelves. I had never seen such beautiful materials laid out in such an organized way. At first glance, I thought this was some sort of program for gifted children. They were working on different maps of the world, multiplication, fractions and the practical life works certainly stood out as well. Although I didn't know they were practical life works at the time I was so enamoured by the pouring, scrubbing, and food preparation works that the children were doing. I walked away with that experience with new eyes of the capabilities of young children. Preschool children can read, do  extensive math activities, science, history, geography  and so much more, all dedicated to each individual child's learning level.

 While going to school and after my degree I worked at many different daycares and preschools with varying methodologies. Some were better than others but I soon had the opportunity to work a Montessori Preschool and hopped on the chance. I had to take a step down to an assistant position because I was not Montessori certified. I didn't care, I was still furthering my education at the time in Early Childhood and was just working part-time but gaining tons of experience. An opportunity arose for me to enroll in a not so nearby Montessori training Center and I once again hopped on board. That's it I was hooked. Montessori all the way no turning back, I was a Montessori Educator now and forever.

 I taught for 3 years andloved it. By my second year I had parents requesting to enroll in my classroom eventhough there were 8 classrooms to choose from.When I  became pregnant with my son I  decided to stay home with him.  Three years later plans begun for us to start our own Montessori Preschool. We have had some ups, downs, and a ton of bumps in the road in the process but God willing it will happen.

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