Just another modest Mom.


Do you have any products, toys, or books you would like to be reviewed? I would love to help you and be honored for the opportunity to try your product. I will review just about anything from store brands to homemade. Also, if you are interested in Ad space, I would love to barter. I can do weekly a  highlight of your company, as well, and/or product. Just contact me at Iwantmycrown@gmail.com.

I have a blog that I update frequently. You are welcome to take a look here:


Thank you for your time guys! Also, if you guys have any ideas of how I can really review items more often, I am open for tips. I really enjoy trying new things before I buy them, helping others, doing giveaways on my blog, and just reviewing products in general.

Quick info:

I have 24 blog followers, 83 followers on my Facebook page Just Another Modest Mom, I have a daughter that is 5, and a daughter that is 14 months (information for products that you may have the opportunity for reviewing.) My daughter recently started vlogs of her own reading books to children...she hopes to encourage others to read. She will soon have her own blog and Youtube channel to review children books, toys, and encourage other children to read daily.

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