The husband and I went on a road trip, just us. It was nice. Nothing fancy, but we were able to just goof off like we use to and talk about things since we had the time - 12 hrs on the road. Oh we had time.

So we are eating dinner, and he looks at me and literally blurts it out - I want to have another baby with you. *jaw floor* He's mentioned it in passing but always put stipulations on it, lots of maybe's never a solid "yes I want to do this".  I'm open to the idea. I "want" to - but I'm afraid that I won't have enough help. So - trying to get a few things figured out. He's talking next year. And that's only a few months away! I want to wait till L is potty trained. She's a very demanding little girl. In comparrison to her older sister. J was very independent and easy to tend to, L is more tempermental. And right now - everything is so busy. And I don't want to deprive my kids of me.

On top of that both girls were emergency C sections. And I really DON'T want another C section. My uterus was VERY thin and the doctor said next time I have to have a C section and I can't go past 38 weeks. But I don't want a CS. I feel like having a temper tantrum. I want a vaginal birth. Does that make me selfish? And then it becomes finding out if I could try for a VBAC again. I doubt it. I really do. And then there's finding a doctor or hospital that allows a VBAC after 2 C sections. *sigh* Is it worth the work? I've been keeping my eyes open, but so far have not found a hospital that will do a VBAC after 2 CS.

I'm excited. Nervous. I just need to know what options are available to me....*sigh*

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 7:50 PM

WOO-HOO!! I want your husband to have another baby with you....ASAP :) Baby girl wants a new cousin to play with when we visit ;) I know what you mean I wish MY "L" would be potty trained before baby girl comes...we're very slowly working on it. She does good usually but we're still far away from purely being potty trained 100%.  (As I type this she just went in and went potty all by herself lol...I hear her potty playing the "pee pee music" haha.)

I do wish you luck on finding a doc/hospital who will do the VBA2C...seriously. Most won't do it after one....I know you want a vaginal birth but gosh after how scary L's birth was I don't know if I'd be BRAVE enough to chance it. We worry about you, you know. I know c-sections aren't fun (from word of mouth, not experience) but it'll still be worth it in the end when baby comes :)

I think you'd have TONS of help, too, between your mom and sister and all your friends. Girl, if I can do it down can do it up there I know you can :)   Now...go get knocked up!! :-D

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