Well life has a funny way of doing things. I dont know what to do about it and really no one can help me. My son and his dad (we are divored) are fighting and his dad bascily said dont come back and he doesnt want too. He was bored and as any child would he tried to find things to do. His dad thought he sould be content playing vidio games and riding a bike all dad. Ehich just shows he doesnt know his son very well cause he is a very active but eisly bored boy. He has to have many thin gs to do and he will work on one thing till it either done or he get bored then moved=s to another. His dad doesnt think this is right and that i should be making him stay home and and have my eyes on him all the time. He is 13 and he goes to a small place in the woods not far from my home and has a club house with his friends, he rides his bike around town with friends and he skateboards. Sometimes he goes to the park. And when it gets dark he plays game either online or on a system. I teach my kids it is good to be active and his dad just wants him out of his hair. I am not gonna punish my son for just being a kid and wanted to do what I taught him and be active instead of sitting around or as his dad wanting riding around in a lil circle. The park is just down the rode from his dad and he wasnt even aloud to go there. Soi now all my son says is cant my sd adopted me I want to be his son. Now they dont always get along so that tells me something. And his dad hasnt paided cs in a long time and yells at me when they take him to court like its my fault. I am thinking about the next time he does telling him sign your rights to my dh and be done with it then you dont have to pay and I dont get yelled at and you never have to worry about our son again but I am afraid who it might hurt if he actually did so I dont know. I am just tired of my son feeling unwanted when he knows he i wanted here.

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Nov. 12, 2010 at 8:51 PM

First of all, if your son doesnt want to go to his dad's house - he probably doesnt need to go.  And if his dad said for him not to come back - he doesnt have to go.  My sons made the decision to go or not to go at that age.  I kept quiet about my feelings about their dad as he is still their dad and they can make their own opinion.  As far as the adopting and stuff - if you dont have to go through that, dont.  If your son doesnt want to go, let your ex keep paying child support and he doesnt have to see his son unless his son wants to see him.  If the ex calls and starts yelling about child support tell him you have nothing to do with it and to talk to his case worker if he has issues.  You are close to having your child raised to 18.  I know that it is a hassle with an ex - i have one myself.  But the time will go fast and then everything will become easier.  Just keep the end goal in mind and realize the time will go fast.  And realize the ex is that for a reason - an "ex"........ Hang in there!

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