So to give you a little insight on my background...  My parent's divorced when I was 1. My mother left my father because he was on drug's and abusive to her... My father was never really apart of my life because my mother would not allow him to be, although all my life growing up my family led me to believe that he didn't want anything to do with me.... When I was 14 year's old my mother died after a long 5 year battle with cervical cancer... I was forced to go live with my father and step mother where thing's were good for awhile, but then turned bad. I ended up in a mental hospital aat 15 because I tried to kill myself and my step mother. She couldn't stand the fact that I was getting close to my dad and started to get jealous....She tried to kill me by pushing me down a flight of stair's so I tried to kill myself... The only conditions of me being released from the hospital was that my father had to sign custody over to my grandmother and let her have me.... They said I was a danger to my step mother... Truth is she was a drunk alcoholic... So I moved back to Missouri and lived with my Grandma.

 I began doing what I wanted when I wanted, dropped out of school stopped taking my medication and started partying hard! I was living the life... I didn't have a problem.. At least as far as I'm concerned...That only set me up for the worst life ever.....No medication, partying all the time...I didn't have a care in the world.....

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