I'm a single mom.  I've wiped tears, noses and butts.  Removed gum from hair and cleaned vomit from the carpet.  I've kissed aways boo-boos, bandaged skinned knees, administered Tylenol at midnight and snuggled away bad dreams.  I've made cupcakes at 11pm because my child "forgot" about the classroom party.  I read bedtime stories and gradecards.  I volunteer in the classroom and have done every fundraiser known to man.  I've studied spelling words and helped with science projects and book reports.  I've pitched baseballs and played soccer goalie.  I've gotten grass stains out of jeans and team uniforms. I've had snowball fights with hot chocolate chasers and built forts out of blankets and chairs in the living room.  I taught my kids how to ride a bike without training wheels and when it's time I'll teach them how to drive.... on a stick shift... because I can.  I'm a taxi driver for school, libraries, games, malls and movies.  I pump my own gas and check my own oil.  I cook and clean after a long day of work while trying to settle World War III over the remote control, the laptop and even the bathroom.  It's called multi-tasking and I've mastered the art.  We sit at the table and talk about our day and I listen intently because I really do care.  I pay the bills and run the errands. I do all this because I am mom and dad wrapped into one.   I thank God every day for my family, friends and coffee. 


Never underestimate the strength, endurance, wisdom, courage and love a single mom posesses.  She carries it with dignity and grace with the help of God, not a man.


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