Question: Have you ever had a true friend?


Yes I have one!

Yes I have more than one !!

No I don't have one

I had one but now I don't

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To me a real frend is someone who is always there, someone who doesn't judge you, would never talk about you behind your back, would always be honest with you, would always tell you when your wrong, would smile with you when your right. How so many people in this world say friend is betrayful to the actual meaning. A true friend is hard to come by.

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 11:38 AM

I'm lucky to have the friends I have. I have to BFFs. I'm lucky to have them apart of my life.

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Nov. 14, 2010 at 10:20 AM

The best way i found to find true friends i sto be a true friend to others. I once was in a group I thought were true friends, but they would talk about others behind onbe anothers back, so when it all came out I cut tieswith them. I don't need people like that in my life. Those friends that I do have, have stayed true. They're the ones I can always count on no matter what.

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