Most of the stuff i'd write for a birth plan, I don't need for a homebirth due to a midwife being in line with what I think for natural childbirth on most stuff.

1. I'll need antibiotics for GBS. Once the series is done, i'd like the IV removed.

2. No episiotomy, i'd prefer natural tearing. - and if a tear does happen, PLEASE use a topical numbing agent to stitch it.

3. Since were delivering a breech, i'm pretty open to following directions to ensure the safety of both me and our daughter... but until something needs directed, I'd like to just kind of hang out and do whatever feels right to get labor progressing.

I don't mind minor suggestions - Just go through Jake, as it's my first homebirth and natural experience with out doctor intervention forcing my hand.

4. Don't break my water unless medically necessary. if its possible to allow her to be be born in the water sac, i'm all for it, it's good luck. ;)

5. Don't touch the placenta, let it come out naturally, no tugging on the cord to see if its lose. - Also prefer it to stop pulsing before we clamp and cut it.

6. Vitamin K shot is not needed, but eye drops after a couple hours are fine if required due to the GBS positive factor. I want that bonding period first though, and if eye drops aren't required, i'd like to skip them.

7. Baby will need hep B vaccine AND hbig immuglobulin at birth with in 12 hours of delivery....

8. Mom will need Rhogham. She's RH negative - baby is most likely positive.

Dim lightening is preferred I think unless indicated otherwise.

Prefer not to have people remind me to breath, or how to breath, and if anyone tells me to relax or how to labor, I may kick them out of the room, and Jake promised me I could hold onto a stick...

Just let me and my body do my thing, allow Jake to be the one to direct/guide me until the transition/pushing phase unless medically indicated otherwise.

Massage is okay - Just ask first before you touch me if your not Jake so I know its coming.

Humor is appreciated, I like laughter, laughter is a good way to get through labor.

There will be plenty of food and drink in the kitchen, there's 3 chocolate ensures in the pantry for labor in case I am not up to eating real food.

For coping, I have music on my desktop, a puppy, Jake, friends, and video games to distract myself with.

For more active labor... I'm just going to let my body tell me what to do and go with that.

What my friends can do to help :

Humor, and good company. Distraction will be the key for coping with most of the labor pains. But try to be relaxed, the relaxed energy will go a long way for keeping me from panicking or getting afraid. (Which is why distraction is helpful.)

Keep the house clean/picked up as we go for me while i'm in labor so I don't have OCD fits and try to clean during labor.

Offer support for Jake (and me) when needed, and just keep us company...

Distract our son and play with him until it's time for the pushing phase And keep him out of my way until it's time for his sister to be born. (that's the only part he wants to see, and I won't have the patience to cope with him during labor.)

If I get cranky, or snap at you, don't take it personally, Having dealt with labor like contractions, I know I get grumpy after a while, especially when people tell me what I SHOULD do when i'm the one coping with them.

It's okay to remind me nicely that a homebirth and going natural was my idea...

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 3:22 PM

Okay...well, I see no BABY yet! I hope it's soon for you and that all goes well!! GOOD LUCK!!

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 3:27 PM

Yeah, no baby yet. were still waiting for labor to start! LOL

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 7:18 PM

That sounds like a beautiful plan.  Good luck!

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