Please visit   I can do custom tutus, hairbows, blankets, etc in ANY COLOR.  I am making hairbow holders as well.  I am also doing leg warmers (perfect for those baby legs).
 I have some incredible deals going on right now. I can ship to ANYWHERE in the United States. and possibly international, depending on the rates.

My prices at the moment for ALL tutu's  (Any size) is $12.
I will be offering TuTu Dresses very soon as well.  You can put in orders now, if you like.

All my security/Blankets for Babies/Toddlers are $12 as well.  I can do any colors, and right now offer Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama and Houndstooth for Collegiate team.

Hairbows...Pick your colors, I can do pretty much any any color as long as there is ribbon in that color!

My prices for my hairbows are
Large Bows $4.00
Medium Size bows $3.00 (or 2 for $5)
Small Bows $2.00
Infant Toothpaste Bows are 4 for $2.00

We offer Crochet Headbands with Flower Clips too.

I can do package deals as well.  We could do a tutu, leg warmers to match, and a hairbow.
or you could do without the leg warmers.

Please visit and become a fan of my Steph's-Designs page and place your order.

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