My husband turns 40 in May of 2011.  I want to give him something he has NEVER had.  I want to give him a family vacation.  A JUST "OUR" family vacation.  We have been to Disney twice before but both times with my parents.  And Disney with your In Laws is not really a vacation.  Plus we always go to the beach, but there again, my parents have a house there so we are always on vacation with someone else!                                                                                                                                                                              The Husband wants to go away and RELAX for his birthday.  So we will be spending a week on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Destin, Florida to be exact.  It will be our family of 5 and a bunch of our friends.  So actually it will be a BLAST and I am really looking forward to it!

So now on to the hard part.  I need to Plan, Book, Plan and PAY for a Trip to Disney for my family of 5.  You would think, it wouldn't be that hard, except I am a Stay at Home Mom with NO income!  So how exactly am I going to pay for the trip?  HOW am I going to keep this a secret from my HUBSAND?  My kids?? 

Well, I did the research and picked the dates for the trip.  I was even able to take advantage of the FREE DINING!  We are going for 6 Nights and 7 Days and staying at the Port Orleans Riverside.  Our total trip will cost $2,269.91. 

I need a deposit of $200.  The rest of the trip doesn't need to be paid until 45 days before we leave.  I want to have the trip paid for by my Husbands Birthday in May.  That gives me approx 7 Months to come up with the rest of the money.  I found the first $200 in a very surprising way.  I cashed in all the coins that I had in a bowl on my dresser and to my surprise it was a little over $200.  So that was my "sign" that I needed to go ahead and BOOK IT!  So I did!

So now, I am selling our clutter on Ebay.  I am using "swagbucks" and making $25 a month in CASH!  I needed an outlet so I am using my CM journal to keep myself from going INSANE!!!!!

So here is my "running total"


-$200.00 Deposit


-$25.00 Swagbucks


-$44.91 Ebay Sales


-$100.00 Ebay Sales


-$100.00 Loose Change


-$100 Ebay Sales, Swag Bucks and CM payment


+239.55 WE ADDED AN EXTRA DAY!!!!!


-$139.55 CASH


-$100.00 CASH!


-$100.oo EBAY!

$1600.00 to go!

-$100.00 CM and Ebay!

$1500.00 to go!

-$100.00 CHANGE!

$1400.00 to go!

-$200.00 CM and EBAY

$1200.00 to GO!

+$21.29 Added an 8th day of tickets!

$1221.29 to GO!

-$100.00 EBAY!

$1121.29 to GO!

-$100.00 EBAY!

$1021.29 to GO!

-$121.29 EBAY!

$900 to GO!!!!!!

-$100.00 EBAY!!!!!

$800 to GO!!!!!!

-$100 EBAY!!!!

$700 to GO!!!!!

-$100 EBAY!!!!

$600 to GO!!!!!

-$100 EBAY

$500 to GO!!!!!!

-$100 EBAY

$400 TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!





If you are interested in earning FREE MONEY click the link below!  Seriously its worth it!!!!!


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Nov. 13, 2010 at 9:53 PM

Ohhhhhhh my gosh I so understand the In Law thing.  My inlaws came on our honeymoon.  Granted my husband and I are not young kids and this is a second marriage........but come on.  We were suppose to spend a week with them at there condo in Kissimmii and then we my husband myself and our then 3 year old daughter were going to drive to the Keys for a week.........well the inlaws decided to join us for that week as well.  LOve my inlaws but every vacation for the last 10 years has been with them.  Have fun on your family vacation.  Do not feel guilty about not bringing the inlaws.   Hold back 25-30 bucks a week on grocery's, cut out eating out a couple times a month and you'll have that vacation paid for in no time!

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 9:59 PM

Thank you SO much for the advice!  I can't imagine going my honeymoon with my In Laws OR my parents lol!

I am going to bust my butt and get this paid for!  He will LOVE it and so will thekids!  The memories will be AWESOME!

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 10:23 PM

Sounds good. Back at the beginning of 1993, the year my husband turned 40, I told him I wanted to do something really big for him. He had Rheumatic fever as a child and was told he would probably never have children. So, he was content to help me raise my two from my previous marriage. Well, you guessed it, I ended up pregnant, and on my 29th birthday, the day before DH's 40th, I gave birth to our son! If he'd of been born an hour and 2 minutes later, he'd of been on his daddy's 40th. So, I guess it didn't get much bigger,than in the hospital, giving birth to the child he thought he'd never have. In 2003, when he turned 50, I told him not to even THINK about getting for his 50th what he got for his 40th! Anyway, last weekend, we all three had our birthdays within 24 hours of each other. Sure hope your family enjoys their vacation.

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 11:00 PM

That was a REALLY good (almost) 40th gift!!!!  And thanks so much!!!  I hope he is surprised and we all enjoy it!

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Nov. 13, 2010 at 11:51 PM

Wow...very cool idea!!! And, you are doing GREAT already with paying for it! :-) Maybe you could be a MOD in some groups on here...I think CM pays you to do it? You should ask! And, how about taking $10 a week from the "grocery" money? And, maybe for the holidays you'll get money instead of presents from some people? I think everyone in your family WILL be surprised! GOOD LUCK!!!

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Nov. 14, 2010 at 2:17 PM

WTG Mary! You are doing a good job paying for it already.

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Nov. 15, 2010 at 10:14 AM

Thanks Lb128f and Jemia!!!!!

Its ALOT of work but SO REWARDING!!!!!   I love being able to give this to my husband and my family!!!!  The HARD part is keeping this a secret!!!!  UGH!  LOL

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Nov. 15, 2010 at 9:27 PM

Aww Momma YOU ROCK!!!!!  You will have this paid for in NO time!!!!  Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!

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