the very next day, i sign into my facebook account to have this posted on my wall by JH's 18 year old step-niece, with whom i'd allowed to live in my house for numerous months (instead of the 2 weeks she'd promised us she'd be staying there, max) and despite the disgraceful, rude and ungrateful behaviour she'd displayed, in front of my kids and very impressionable niece and nephew, while living there, i'd still allowed her to live there until finally putting my foot down after her abusing the priviledge of being her grandmother's granddaughter, with whom JH considers family still. (oh, and btw, technically, she's not even family. she just calls and considers herself so since her grandmother married JH's dad many, many years ago but they got divorced some 10-15+ years ago but anyway...)(oh, and i'm editing the cuss words cause i, myself, may use the words from time to time, i still think conversations can be had without the use of profanity or, if it must be used, without excessive use of profanity): "You are such a F***ED UP person. JH gets to see the kids every other weekend? And he only gets the WEEKEND? What the h*** is wrong with you!? JH is a d*** good father, a better parent than you, and he is the one who gets punished because you're a d*** b**** who deserves the worst this life has to offer. I hope one day your kids see you for what you really are: a selfish, undeserving pig of a woman, far from being mature, and I hope they push you from your life as I have done with my mother. I hope you feel the pain you are causing JH three times over and regret this every day of your life. In fact, I know you will - Karma is a b****, and she loves to get back at b****es like you. Don't talk to me ever again and I warn you to stay away from my sister. You won't like what happens if you don't"

after she posted this, she so courageously deleted and blocked from her page, which, i tell ya, just had me shaking in my boots! lol

i will admit, i was infuriated because, 1: she made this quite public, for ALL to see, 2: her excessive use of profanity, 3 (the big one): her continual insults at not just me as a mother (which, i'll say, i'm a friggin great one! i'm no superwoman or bree hodge but i'd lay down my life for my kids, right here and right now, if i had to, without a thought to it. they have been and always will be my reasons for waking up every single day) but also me as a person (which, i'm not as a great a person as i'd like to be, that part could use some working on, but i'm not half bad, in my opinion), both of which she knows very little about since the only times she was ever "home" was to either eat, sleep or jack up our water bill by taking a 90 min shower(!) and never actually took the time out to get to know me in order to form a valid opinion of me.

i did what i thought was best, used my head and gave a very thourough reply, just in case she decided to see what my reply would be, if i would even reply, whichout so much as a cuss word and addressing everything she'd said cause 99.9% was wrong. the only truth was that karma is a b**** lol

things just got worse from then on out.

one of my best friends had my back and emailed her (i'll call her the ungrateful brat or UB for short), anyway, she emailed UB to let know that it wasn't right to cuss me out or address the issues she has with me publicly and to let UB know that while she is right about karma that UB is not exempt from that either.

UB decided to unblock me the next day, just for the sole purpose of emailing me, cussing me out and telling me to keep my friends in check (which, at this point, i had no clue about the email my best friend had sent, not that it would've mattered anyway cause i feel everyone has a right to their freedom of speech, as long as certain lines, like the ones UB crossed, aren't crossed)

now, i look at it this way. while unblocking me, UB could've taken the mature, adult route and posted a public apology to everyone for making the issues she has with me so public and then deleting what she'd posted the previous day.

however, UB is ANYTHING but mature (trust me, a girl who pulls such juvenile, high school b.s. is anything but mature and i've been informed that she's done it to alot of people, not just me. yeah, such actions just SCREAM out maturity...) and did no such thing.

the issue just escalated.

and, after a proper responding email to UB's, i decided to take it into my own hands and delete and block her before she did anything else to further make my life that much more difficult.

once i did that, JH's oldest sister then decided to take into her own hands, insulting every single person (and even some who had nothing to do with the entire situation) who posted a response in my defense, claiming she was "defending JH" because he was being insulted and putdown, which was a load of bull. the only person who was being putdown and/or insulted in such responses was UB.

JH's sister just wanted to continue the fight. i swear, it's what she lives for. fighting and drama.

it was made crystal clear after i'd publicly asked for everyone that had an issue with me to address privately, not publicly.

she then had a mile long nasty little comeback and had the same thing to say after an old high school friend defended me as well, insulting him and starting everything back up again.

it was at this point i knew i was left with no choice but to delete and block them. then, once my lawyer gives the ok, completely delete the page altogether.

so, i deleted and blocked them.

turns out that when you delete and block someone, if they have an email from you from before you deleted and blocked them, they can use it to further harass you.

and JH's sister did just that.

she only stopped once her oldest daughter begged her to please stop it.

and she did stop. on facebook.

i then log into my email later on that nite, and low and behold, there's yet another (long) from JH's sister, further insulting me after i'd previously emailed her on facebook, letting her know that the things she said, dragging my own family members, family members who'd considered JH's family, including her, as part of our family, that had nothing to do with what had been done and said, was uncalled for, unneeded and unappreciated, and so on and so forth.

within this email were some of the most hurtful words said to me that i have heard since my 1st husband told me he no longer loved me and had found someone else that he'd fallen in love with: that she, and the rest of JH's family didn't consider me family. i have never been their family, never have been, never will be.

this hurt the most out of all the hurtful insults that had been said in the 3 days the facebook ordeal had gone on.

i won't sit here and say i loved all of JH's family but if there were 3 people (4, counting the oldest daughter's hubby) i truly loved as if they were my very own flesh and blood, it was JH's oldest sister and her 2 girls.

i still love those girls cause they had absolutely nothing to do with any of this, any of what has gone on with JH and i, with UB and i nor what has gone with JH's sister and i.

but, because of the level of insanely stupid things reached with JH's family, i've had to delete his entire family out of my life and that, very sadly, includes those 2 girls.

i've also had to change my phone number because of the whole ordeal.

and, while things have been peaceful and pretty much drama free since i've deleted them out of my life, JH is still playing his same old games.

he only speaks to and sees the kids when it's most convinent for him. he still will go weeks without seeing and/or speaking to them.

and, while my son has started to act out more because of it, things are finally starting to get back to normal here.

my son's officially in kindergarten (yay!!), after having to fill out more paperwork than i originally thought i'd have to because of JH's lack of involvement in, well, pretty much everything.

both my kids are officially becoming potty trained. my son is seeming to finally get over his fear of #2-ing in the potty and my daughter's become more inspired to start using the potty again.

i've kinda turned into a modern day betty crocker. i've gotten my son back on his diet (i put him on a fiber type diet instead of having to give him meds to help him go #2, which is what the dr recommended anyway, more fiber and it seems to be working :) and my daughter has joined in.

my daughter is spending her 1st nite in a big girl bed instead of a crib (we'll see how this

and i'm just now realizing i need to get to bed since it's a few min till 3 am lol

so, goodnite and goodbye for now all! :)

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