My friend started a petition that I am totally supporting 100% and hope that each of you take the time to read and possibably sign the petition as well. I have read this about 5x now just hoping that it never becomes a reality. We are a military family in Europe struggling like the rest of the families here & some even in the states. Since we have moved here (8 mths ago) the government has cut our Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) causing all of us to struggle even more..what more do they want from us? 

Now my vent: It is very sad to me that when the government decides to cut costs the first place they look is to their military. Sometimes, I wonder if ANYONE who determines the budgets think about the fact that these men and women not only fight for freedom of our country but fight for EACH INDIVIDUAL who is sitting there looking at a piece of paper, rather then thinking they are part of that “equation.” How would they feel if their pay was being considered as part of “the cut?” It is always easier to take from others rather then take from themselves. The men and woman that serve our country leave their families when duty calls for deployments and remotes. They make huge sacrifices for each of us AND the same government that calls on them to fight for our freedom. Funny, the same government that makes these requests for our military to sacrifice is also the same government that chooses to pick the military to take more from. Don’t they think these men and women suffer enough for everything they do for us to be free? Apparently not, they don’t think about that because when determining their cuts everything is just “numbers on paper” not faces of parents who have lost their children, faces of children who have lost a parent or the actual men and woman fighting for "their" freedom standing in front of them. I am just blown away when I hear people in office say … They appreciate what each individual in the Armed Forces does for us. Wow, really, you really truly do appreciate it?? Then they should read the words of JFK and live by these words, "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but live by them."
- John F. Kennedy

How true. Please call on our government to NOT FREEZE our pay!!!!!

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