I just realized I really havent been on here in quite awhile, need to start coming on here more often! especially since i have quite alot to chat about; here is my list of stressors as of the past year:

1: my husband had been off work since 08, but we managed to stay afloat..as he was getting unemployment. unfortunately, he lost that in may, so we are now going by our daughters adoption subsidy which depresses me because some of this should be used to buy her things, but we cannot, really

2. On account of the loss of unemployment checks, we could no longer make the house payments-daughters adoption subsidy is 451, house payment was 691. so of course our home went into foreclosure, and was recently sold last week at a sheriff sale, so technically we are living in a house, we literally cannot call our own anymore. Husband mentioned the sale of the house to his dad (mind you, my husband spent his whole childhood here-he had gotten the house from his folks), and there was no " you can come stay here"..it was "we'll try to help you within our means." are you kidding? the man makes 3,000 a month retirement, plus my mother in law has her social security, but yet, they'll help us within their means-sounds to me he doesnt want us there, and therefore would not let us stay, leaving us with most likely nowhere to go, unless we take my cousin up on her offer and move in with her out of state-course, she doesnt even have a house yet, shes still in search of one..so right now we're still screwed.

3. I cant find a job for the life of me-i have applied online to numerous places-and my online college degree is not helping me at all, so im stuck with all these loans, no job to show for all my education, and no way to pay for it. My husband HAD  a job in july, good one too..he was there four days, ended up in the hospital for a few days, and because the drs wanted him to stay off work for a few weeks, the new job had to let him go..so back to square one..and hes now trying to get disability because he has been to numerous drs for his back, and they say he cannot work, maybe behind a desk, but cannot do the work that HE went to school for the past two years, so HE also has loans to pay back and cannot even do the job hes been trained to do.

There is another subject i am needing to vent about, but I have to get my daughter up and ready for church, have to get ready myself so that subject will have to wait for now, because there may be so much info on that subject, that i would prob be here for another hour! That, I would really love some advice about as well. So please, if anyone has any advice, suggestions, prayers, anything..i could really use something right about now. I'm at my wits end right now..and my sons birthday is coming up plus christmas, and those also are weighing on me, considering what we're dealing with financially. I appreciate any advice, suggestions, etc. Thanks and God bless

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